The cat foot pad was swollen by new cat litter

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Cat pads don't swell up for no reason. Cat owners can check to see if the dust or debris from the new litter gets into the cat's wounds, or if the cat litter is so sharp that it cuts the cat's pads and touches the dirty litter, so that it becomes bad. 

1, Examine cat wounds
The cat's owner found her cat had a cut, she should check the cat's wounds to see what's wrong. The owner disinfects razor with disinfectant first and then shave off all the cat hair close to the mat. After that, the cat's wound should be checked carefully. If the wound is shallow, you can treat it by yourself. If it's deeper, should take it to the hospital.
Disinfect a cat's wound with hydrogen peroxide and wash the wound and surrounding area with saline solution. Pick out cat litter debris if it’s inside. After that, apply some medicine and wrap it well. Don't let the cat move too hard for a while.
2,Replace the smooth edge cat litter
If cat’s wound is caused by cat litter, cat owners should replace the litter as soon as possible. If the cat's owner keeps using litter that cuts the cat's paw, it is likely that the cat's injuries will be repeated, which will be more painful for the cat.Cat owners can avoid cat litter with sharp edges, opting for softer edge cat litter such as natural plant cat litter so that they are less likely to get hurt when using it.
3,Don't let your cat play with cat litter frequently
Cat owners can also observe their cats have more often the habit of playing cat litter, if cats have this bad habit, The cat owner has to change and make it correct . A speaker can be installed on the litter pan , connect to the mobile phone or computer. If cat finish normal excretion and play in cat litter above, you can play a few more stimulus music which cat don't want to hear, this will make the cat run off the litter bowl..Cat owners should also resort to less gentle methods, such as lashing cats with newspaper roll.
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