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Petsfriend is the first manufacturer of Natural Plant Food Grade Cat Litter in China since 2014.Petsfriend is a comprehensive production export enterprises, who is specialized in the Natural Plant Food Grade Cat Litter and Puppy Pad research, development, processing, marketing and exporting.

  • Natural Plant Cat Litter
  • Puppy Pad


Natural Plant Cat Litter

100% Natural pea fibre and corn starch, ZERO additive:
Green tea cat litter, Peach cat litter, Lavender cat litter, Milk cat litter,Bamboo fiber cat litter, etc.
1)Good odor absorption
2)Fast clumping
3)Convenient to shovel out
4)Difficult to take out (It's easy to clean up even if take out)
5)Dust free, no poison, no harm to cats and people.
6)Coagulable, easy to clean up.
7)Bean dregs are edible, especially useful for postpartum, postoperative, and pre-semi age kittens.
8)Environmental protection type of cat litter, can flush into the toilet directly.

Puppy Pad

1)Super Quality Imported Wool Pulp and SAP
2)6-Layer water locking Design
3)Newly developed PH detection pad
4)Strong water absorption
5)Soft surface and skin-friendly
6)Antibacterial Deodorant.
7)Economize, Less use per day
(See " Puppy Pad" page for more details")


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