Several cases that cats do not like to use cat litter

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1, Cats can develop urinary bladder infections and intestinal parasites when they don't use cat litter. Cat injuries can also lead to a reluctance to use cat litter.Once the owner finds out that the cat does not use cat litter, he should take the cat to the pet hospital for medical examination as soon as possible.If cats cannot defecate for more than two days, they are more likely to die from acute renal failure.Owners can take them to the litter bowl after dinner, even if they don't want to defecate, also keep them in the litter bowl for a while. 

2, Owner's schedule change: if this is the reason why cats don't use cat litter, then owners don't have to worry too much. Because once they get used to the new schedule, they won't have to urinate. Cats are squeamish animals.
3, New cat: Prepare one or two more cat litter. 
4, New dogs: keep them in isolation until they are sure they can make peace.
5, Feel threatened: comfort the cat in time and place the litter in a corner where the cat will feel more secure.
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