How to choose Cat Litter, tasteless or odorous?

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Types of cat litter is varied, whether it is material of different raw materials, or taste the differences exist, some cat sand in order to cover up the bad smell, will join scented deodorant, but note that if the smell is too strong or pungent, actually it is very easy to stimulate to trace the mi nose, so the cat cat owners should pay attention to see with this litter, not choose the cat litter, tasteless and fragrance all if the cat is suitable for use of cat litter. 

1, Choose cat litter with the right smell
Cat's nose is more sensitive, so the cat owners choose cat litter, or choose a litter of taste to suit, choose scented cat litter is ok, but don't choose too strong fragrance, can choose lighter taste of green tea flavor of cat litter, not only can cover up the smell, is more appropriate for cats, if other cat owners choice is a very strong smell of cat litter, green tea of cat litter can be replaced.
2, Choose cat litter with less dust
Different types of cat litter dust sizes are different, and cat litter with large dust is easier to stimulate the cat's nose, causing the cat to sneeze, such as small particles of bentonite cat litter dust will be larger, for which the cat owner can choose cat litter with large particles of small dust, such as pine cat litter, crystal cat litter, natural plant cat litter and so on.
3, Choose easy clean cat litter
Some cat litter cannot be thrown into the toilet when cleaning. This kind of cleaning method is more troublesome, because the cat owner needs to throw the clotted cat litter into the trash can and then throw it away. It will be more convenient if you can directly throw the cat litter into the toilet and flush it out. For example, the pine cat litter will break into powder after touching the cat urine and leak into the lower litter pan. When cleaning, you can directly throw the powder into the toilet and flush it out.
To sum up, cat owners can choose green tea-flavoured pine cat litter for their cats. For example, cats want to use pine cat litter. The use of pine cat litter should be matched with a double layer of cat litter pot.
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