What kind of litter is best for kittens

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Cat litter is something that must be used in the process of breeding. In the choice of cat litter, it should be the one with good agglomeration and strong odor removal, which has no big problem to the body of the cat. When cleaning, it is convenient and easy to clean, and there is no pollution to the environment. Here's a look at the advantage and disadvantage of various cat litter. 

1, Wood cat litter

Wood cat litter is made of pine wood or other wood chips after processing, no dust or little dust, which will not pollute the air. It has good function of aggregation and smell absorption, low loss rate, long service life and convenient use, discard or flush the toilet after turning into powder. However, wood is prone to damp and fleas. Some cats dislike the smell of wood, do not adapt to the sense of touch, and even refuse to use it .It is also easy to be carried out when the cat litter use, polluting the home. 

2, Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter is made of silica, and is good at condensation and water absorption. When the beads encounter water, they will change color and are easy to distinguish.However, the size of the beads is large, so it hurts for a kitten to step on them.Some kittens like to eat cat litter, while crystal cat litter is made of silica. It is not good for the body to eat it.

3, Bentonite cat litter 

Also called congealed cat litter, it is the most common cat litter used nowadays. It is highly absorbent and can absorb the water and urine in the feces into a ball. The cat litter is finer and a good sense of foot. However, in the long term, there will be a smell of dust on the baby cat. Dust is bigger. If you have a cat with sensitive nose like Garfield, you should consider buying it or not. 

4• Natural Plant cat litter
The Natural Plant cat litter is made of soy bean and corn starch, which is environmentally , free of dust, non-toxic, and good for aggregation and absorbency. It is relatively safe for young cats who like to eat cat litter. The cat owner can directly pour it into the toilet when cleaning, which is almost a blessing for the lazy cat owner.

Above are the advantage and disadvantage of all sorts of cat litter. The young cat is do not suit to use crystal cat litter, should be used after adult. Young cat with nose-sensitive also does not suit to use bentonite sand. Personally, I prefer natural plant cat litter, the bean curd and corn starch can be eaten. There is no problem with licking kittens. Cat owners can consider the choice of natural plant cat litter.
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