Characteristics of different cat litter

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Select cat litter as required. The same litter can't possibly meet all the cat needs, so there are many different kinds to cater to different cats.Different cat litter has different characteristics. The owner can choose a suitable cat litter according to the actual needs of the cat.

1, Natural Plant Cat Litter 

The ingredients of natural plant cat litter are natural fresh bean curd residue or natural plant fiber.Some manufacturers add different flavors to natural plant cat litter, such as green tea, cherry, peach and so on.
Because of the natural ingredients of the natural plant cat litter, the cat will not have problems eating it, so for cats with gastrointestinal problems, natural plant cat litter is a good choice, in addition, the natural plant cat litter is water-soluble, after use can be directly thrown into the toilet flushing, some cat owners will use waste residue for flowers.

2, Crystal cat litter
It is a translucent silica gel particle, which absorbs urine through the holes all over the particle and locks the odor in, while the excess water flows to the bottom.Use "crystal cat litter" to match with the use of a double layer of cat litter basin, and at the lower level placed a diaper pad to absorb excess urine, so as not to generate bad smell.
This kind of cat litter has the advantage of strong deodorization and absorption of urine.There is no dust problem under normal use, won't harm respiratory tract to cause disease, and weight is not big also.
The drawback is that the feces cannot be well wrapped, and the diaper pad on the bottom should be changed frequently, otherwise the bottom is easy to accumulate cat urine and breeding bacteria.

3, Mineral cat litter

The composition is mostly clay and various kinds of mineral. The gravel can cover the feces, and when it meets the urine, it will condense into lumps.Advantages for the package and coagulation is better, disadvantages for heavy weight, more dust.

3.Wood cat litter

Made from wood waste. The advantage is the natural environmental protection of the sandy material of wood shavings. After use, it can be flushed into the toilet or buried. There is little dust. The smell itself can mask a certain smell.The drawback is that relatively poor wrapping, not strong caking ability

4.Paper cat litter

Made from recycled paper, the urine is dark and clumps when absorbed.The advantage is to absorb water ability is strong, deodorant ability is also good.Since it's paper, it weighs less and has no dust.However, this kind of cat litter has a poor covering effect and can easily lead to bad smell when exposed.Easy damp needs to be properly kept, had better handle in time, otherwise it’s easy to adhere to the cat litter basin.

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