Tips and tricks

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How to put everything in the box.

If your cat showers outside the box or eliminates the rim of the box, you may need a larger cat litter pan.Cats may have a personal preference for certain box depth, hood or entrance, so you may need to experiment.
How to deal with strange behavior.
New people in the house, changes in diet or other daily routines, the presence of other cats, and even moving furniture can trigger strange behaviors.Find time to comfort and play with the cat to make her feel safer.
What to do if you suspect something is wrong.

Have your cat examined by a veterinarian.FLUTD is a serious condition that causes pain, burning, and constant urination on the spot.Diarrhea can be caused by many factors, including sudden dietary changes, intestinal parasites or viruses.

What if you find your cat eating junk?

There may be underlying health issues.When you notice a major change in cat litter box behavior, be sure to consult your veterinarian immediately.
What if your cat tries to mark his territory.
Cats can use urine to mark their territory.Instead of squatting and urinating in a puddle, the cat raises its tail and squirts urine backward toward the object it is trying to mark.Both men and women spray, even if they are sterilized or sterilized.Use a commercial cleaner to remove as much aroma as possible.
What should I do if an accident happens.

Be sure to thoroughly clean the contaminated carpet area with commercial products designed for this purpose.If the smell is not removed, the cat may return to the crime scene and repeat the crime.

Choose the right litter pan.Your cat should have enough space to turn comfortably.
Fill the bin to a depth of 2 to 3 inches and have enough particles for planing and covering.Remember, yesterday's newsprint cat litter is different from clay cat litter.Too much garbage can make it more difficult to find and remove dirt.
Liquid waste is absorbed from the bottom of the pot.All the liquid takes a few minutes to absorb.
They remove contaminated particles as they absorb the liquid and expand in size.
Scoop out solid waste from the top of the bin every day.
Replace the garbage once a week.