Puppy Pad

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Breeding Dogs are becoming more scientific, If you are a squeamish and lazy parent, you can save yourself a lot by training your dog to use the pad.Pet urinals should be a new word for novice pet owners.Why do dogs use pet urinals?What are the benefits of using a pet urine pad?"These are some of the most common problems that dog owners have with pet urinals. 

1, What is a pet pad?
Just like human babies' diapers, pet pad is a disposable sanitary product specially designed for pet dogs or cats. It has super safe water absorption ability and specially designed surface material can keep dry for a long time.
Generally speaking, the pet urine pad contains advanced antibacterial agent, which can deodorize and eliminate odors for a long time, and keep the household clean and tidy. The special aromatic agent used in it can also help the pet develop good "designated" bowel habits.
Pet urine pads can improve your quality of life and save you a lot of valuable time dealing with pet poop every day.Pet urine pads are a must-have item for nearly every pet owner in Japan and Europe.
2, What's a pet pad for? 
As a dog owner, do you have a moment when you come home tired from a day's work and find your house full of dog urine?Or when you're driving your dog out on the road on a weekend and the dog can't stop peeing in the car?Or did the bitch make your house dirty and smelly when she gave birth to the puppy?
In fact, when faced with these helpless situations, a small pet pad (diaper) can let you easily solve these problems.
3, Characteristics of pet urine pad 
What are the characteristics of pet urinals?Generally speaking, pet urinals have the following characteristics. 
1). The surface is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, which can be quickly permeated and absorbed.
2). The internal wood pulp and macromolecule have good absorptive capacity, and the wood pulp firmly locks in the internal moisture.
3). Pet urine pad is generally made of high-quality PE waterproof film, which is stronger and hard to catch by dogs.
4, when do you need a pet pad?

1). Bring your dog out, especially in your car, and it can also be used in a cage, car, or hotel room. 

2). Use at home, which can save the trouble of handling pet excrement. 

3) Help your dog learn to pee and poop.If you want your pup to learn to defecate regularly, lay a pet diaper on the kennel and then spray a defecation trainer on the pet diaper to facilitate acclimatization.
4) Used in the production of female dog.
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