If you don't want your dog to pee everywhere, learn how to teach your dog to use a puppy pad.

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The use of the urinal pad is mainly to prevent the dog from defecating the sanitary environment in the home, but at the very beginning, the dog does not learn to excrete on site, and the process needs to be trained by the owner to get rid of the previous bad habits.

Dogs usually smell, swirl, and so on before they excrete, but the dog ACTS to leave its own scent and circle the area.If the owner USES a newspaper or disposable urinal pad for training, the dog will feel that it has just left the smell of the territory and will be taken away by the owner, it will not know where to urinate next time.
In addition to staying and smelling your own scent, dogs also like the feeling of the mat touching the ground. Before training dogs to use the pad, they should first circle a training area, where dogs can live comfortably and adapt to the environment.
The training area is larger, with a dog bowl and a dog toy on one side and a pad on the other, to induce the dog to use the pad, taking advantage of the fact that the dog does not urinate where it sleeps.The puppy can be first in the isolation area covered with the pad, first let it look for the right position and then gradually reduce the scope, finally removed the isolation area only to leave the pad.

As the size of the dog increases, so should the size of the pad. For large dogs, the size of the pad should also increase accordingly. Otherwise, the dog cannot make good use of the pad.

After the dog learns to urinate on the pad, the dog can be petted and rewarded with snacks. If the dog can not learn to pee in the right place, the dog can stay in the isolation area for a while. When the dog walks to the pad, the owner will praise the dog and encourage them to urinate on the pad.
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